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5 Sexy Snapchat Filters That Will Get You Laid

We’re going to explore the top five most used snapchat filters and what makes them sexy, we’ll even let you know whether to use them or not.

We’ve all used a filter or at least seen one on Snapchat and most of us will have used them to send sexy snapchats. We’re going to explore the top five most used snapchat filters and what makes them sexy, we’ll even let you know whether to use them or not.

Let’s get straight into the filters...

Dog with Tongue Hanging Out

Famous snapchat users like Ariana Grande (add her on snapchat here) and Jessica Alba are obsessed with using the “Dog with Tongue Hanging Out” Snapchat Filter. You can easily make your selfies even more adorable by adding the puppy filter! You might see this filter being called the Puppy Dog Filter or the Dog with Tongue Hanging out but you’ll know when you see it!

snapchat dog filter

Classic Flower Crown and Glow

It has classic in its name for a reason, definitely one of the originals. For anyone who wants the classic princess look contrasted with the flowers and glows of nature.. Also simply known as the “Flower crown” this filter is popular among many super famous snapchat celebrities.

kim kardashian snapchat

Pink Glow Flower Crown

The Pink glow flower crown is very similar to the classic flower crown and glow, just with a more subtle, feminine twist. The pink aura adds that super girly look that will brighten up anybodies selfie. Pink is a naturally sexy color so add that to your flower crown and you’re guaranteed to get laid!

pink glow flower crown snapchat

Puking Rainbow

The puking Rainbow is a funny and cute way to break the ice with your crush..if you’re looking for a not-so embarrassing way to impress your crush with humour then look no further than using the puking rainbow filter on snapchat. Make sure you follow our sexting guide here for more useful snapchat sexting tips!

snapchat filter

Rosy Cheeks Retouch

The Rosy cheeks retouch can be used by literally anybody. This is the final filter on our list but we’ve made sure to leave our readers a final filter that will secure their sexting partner. The filter will leave you with soft skin, teeth whitening, eye sharpening and your face touched up. Don’t use this filter all the time as your sexting buddy might get bored!

snapchat filter

These filters and lenses should keep you going for the covid 19 pandemic that we’re all facing. If you’re stuck inside now is the perfect time to test one of these filters, keep in mind though, the internet is an ever-changing animal and people will always create new lenses and filters. So make sure you always check for new snapchat filters and lenses.

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