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5 Snapchat Leak Facts

So far Snapchat has admitted to losing 300,000 worth of leaked pictures and videos since its inception. A worrying figure.

If you have snapchat on your phone, you probably use it at least once a day. This makes you part of a collection of 180 million active daily users sending snaps to their friends or uploading to their stories.

However, as with any new technology, there are risks. So far Snapchat has admitted to losing 300,000 worth of leaked pictures and videos since its inception. A worrying figure.

Here’s 5 things we can learn from snapchats bumpy history.

1. Snapchat is a MASSIVE target for hackers.

Having being the victim of hackers on numerous different occasions, for all we know there are a group of hackers planning their next attack right this second. 200,000 pictures were leaked onto 4chans forums at once, in an event now so infamous it has been named “the snappening.” 

These things, however, have given snapchats development team a chance to improve their security systems, making it much harder for future attacks to take place. We are promised by Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel that improvements to the security systems are an ongoing process. We certainly hope so.

2. You simply cannot trust your friends.

One of the more common ways snapchats are “hacked” is in fact a friend or somebody you know saving your photo, either using the screenshot tool or by using third party applications that do not notify the user when their photo is being saved. 

Granted, most of your friends won’t be this slimy. But is it really worth the risk when so much is on the line? Take our advice and only ever send anything intimate to somebody who you can truly trust, or just don’t do it at all. This is one of the easiest ways to ensure your snaps stay safe!

3. This generation LOVES nudes. 

In modern times, we LOVE to send each other nudes and snapsex. Don’t ask us why, maybe it’s just because we can? Either way it’s something that doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

With 400 million individual snaps sent each day, you can bet your bottom dollar that a large number of those are private, only meant to be for one persons eyes. Even more worrying is the fact that some of those will be leaked to people who were not supposed to see them.

We’re just happy that Snapchat’s team are endlessly working to improve security to make sure those sexy nudes are kept safe!

4. Snapchat doesn’t really care.

With important information In the user agreement (that we all must tick to download snapchat) Snapchat don’t actually have to do anything about it.

The whole idea behind Snapchat was that users could only send ten second video clips and temporary photos that would be deleted instantly after being played. What we now know is, in fact, that those photos are never truly deleted, they’re still there somewhere, waiting for the next hacker to come along and find them.

That being said, it’s worth to note that in the user agreement for Snapchat (that we all sign to use the app) it states that any photos or videos that you send, you do so at your own risk. Meaning that IF your nudes are hacked, there’s little anyone can do for you.

Again, better safe than sorry we think!

5. Security will always be an issue online. 

As long as the internet is around, hackers will be continually working to find ways around security systems apps like Snapchat have on their app. 

These hackers know that thousands of nude photos are sent every single day, so finding a way to access them would be hitting a goldmine. This right here is the problem. It will never stop as long as private content is being sent from one user to another.

To round off, the only 100% effective way to stop your nudes being leaked is by not sending anything over Snapchat, and saving that sexiness for when you’re right next to the person! I mean, it makes sense, right?

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