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7 Snapchat Pornstars You Need To Follow in 2020

Snapchat tell us that they prohibit any sexually explicit content and the use of stories to distribute or advertise porn. Spend a few hours on the app however, you'll soon realise that the Snapchat Pornstars are business as usual.

As we've mentioned before in a few articles, Snapchat was first developed so you would know that the person you're sexting won't be able to save the photo, basically the photos disappear when they've been viewed. You can imagine what this did for the sexting world, even though Snapchat will ban users for showing any sexual content - there are still pornstars that get around these filters.

As you can imagine this doesn't do anything good for Snapchats business and their advertising business model. Remember the Snapchat app is free to download and the way Snap Inc monetise their users is through advertising on stories. According to nytimes.com, GroupM who oversee billions of digital-advertising dollars, last year had to send out an email to all of it's clients explaining their advertisements or filters could be placed next to pornographic content.

“A note came to us and said, now we have a situation where one of our lenses we paid for on Snapchat has been appropriated by a porn star, and the porn star has used our lens.”

Snapchat need to get better at blocking Not Safe For Work content - the likes of Instagram & Facebook will remove any nudity within minutes of it being online. Seeing your favourite pornstar with a snapchat filter is the appeal for these performers and their audiences. Using these filters and lenses can show a playful side to the pornstar and brings you into their personal world. The snapchat app basically gives you a peephole into the pornstars life - except the stars get to control exactly what you see and when you see it.

There are hundreds of Snapchat pornstars. For many established performers, it's another way for them to create an audience and at the end of the day make a living. Lot's of pornstars now charge a fee for their 'premium' version of their snapchat story. Some snapchat girls will let you buy them things from their wishlist's on shopping sites such as Amazon.com. In the future we will be reviewing each snapchat girl so you can get a better image to what you would get if you are a VIP subscriber!

If you're just wondering what these pornstars get up to on Snapchat, or just to spice up what you see day-to-day, we've compiled some of the top Adult Snapchat Pornstars you need to be following in 2020.

[Note: A handful of the performers listed recently retired from porn, but their adult content continues to be popular on porn websites.]

1. Riley Reid (rileyreid)

riley reid snapchat

I don't think any man on this planet wouldn't recognise Riley in a video if she appeared in one. This is why she's number one on our list. She provides the gold when it comes to porn so that's why she's a must have to have on your snapchat pornstar list!

Is it even possible to top a pornstar like Riley? For the geeks that are into statistics - Riley Reid is one of the most popular pornstars on Snapchat and Pornhub to this day. We're all okay with that, because she's probably your favourite pornstar right?

2. Bailey Bae (BaileyFlirts)

bailey bae snapchat

Appearing in over 22 adult films since 2014, you could say Bailey Bae has the experience to wow you on Snapchat. She offers a intimate look at her day-to-day life. You'll find her original content on porn sites like Mofos. Just type in her username!

Living up to her snapchat username (remember you can click it to add her directly) she likes to flirt with everyone she messages! The last time we checked in on her snapchat it was looking very high quality to say it's not premium!

3. Mia Malkova (MiaMalkova)

mia malkova snapchat sex

Where do we start with Mia, she's started our as an american porn star actress but then quickly moved into live streaming on Twitch. She appeared in the documentary 'God, Sex and Truth'. Only in 2019 did Mia become a trend in the Snapchat pornstar scene - she has homemade videos so that's probably why you've not seen her on your go to porn site before.

It's a toss up between Mia and Riley for myself - what about you?

4. Adriana Chechik (AdrianaChechik)

adriana chechik snapchat

Only recently joining Snapchat, Adriana likes to describe herself as one of the nastiest women in porn. We'll let you decide on that one for yourselves. 😉

Add her right now and you'll be pleased with the amount of dirty photos and videos you get on a daily basis. There is still a few personal touches too - and if you're lucky she will message you back and have a normal conversation...give it a try.

5. Kendra Sunderland (karmenkarma)

kendra sunderland snapchat porn

Before entering into the world of sucking cocks and fucking for the entertainment of Snapchat, Kendra was a sex cam model. She couldn't of wished for anything better after going viral in 2018. You could go onto any porn site and Kendra will be there. She's only young too, with her being 23-years old she's got lots of years left to show her fans what she can do!

In the world of porn, she's as famous as Adele or Jay Z!

6. Teanna Trump (doctorteanna)

teanna trump snapchat

Teanna Trump is a pretty popular pornstar to say the least. If you haven't seen or heard about Teanna before then we're not sure where you've been sleeping but you've missed out! She's one of the fittest new faces in the porn industry and after working heavily with Vixen and being named their angel of the year in 2019, she decided to open up a premium and public snapchat feed for us all to drool over.

As she operates both a public and private account - her main goal will be to sell you her premium subscription so remember that!

Make sure you give her a follow on Twitter too if you use that!


7. KittyXKum (KityXKum)

kityxkum snapchat

One of the hottest amateur Asian Snapchat Pornstars around...she's making the other snapchat pornstars work for their money! She runs a premium and a free account, but the best thing is - her premium subscription is just a one time fee! Don't worry if you can't afford to pay monthly for a girl, she offers a one-off fee for you to subscribe.

She's being active for over 2 years too - so imagine that for a deal if you purchased lifetime over 24 months ago!

KityXKum is the best asian snapchat girl we've come across, so we had to share her with our readers.

We hope in this list you can find a snapchat pornstar to keep you busy, especially during these times of lockdown. If you need any help finding Snapchat Sex then make sure you check out our main homepage to see how we can help. Take a look at our other articles for everything Snapchat Sex related, you might find some interesting statistics there!

Note: This article will be regularly updated for relevance.

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