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Snapchat Sexting Tips

We’ve all had the typical snapchat sexting come on; Hey what are you wearing? But i think we all know that this doesn’t always work…We’ll help you out with some basic tips to improve your sexting skills. On to today’s topic – if you’d like to check out snapchat sex then make sure you do.

News : Snapchat child dex groomer jailed.

1. Asking for a preview.


As we mentioned when we started this blog – ensure you’re always asking for a preview but not in a creepy way. Girls like it when you give them attention but not the wrong attention!

2. Fantasize About your Partner

Tell your sexting partner what you would like to do to them. If it’s a girl then don’t be a creep.

3. Learn how to tease.

snapchat sexting tips

This can really only apply for girls but if you’re a guy and good looking you can probably pull it off.

We all know are snapchat sexting tips are the best!

Keep reading to find the best pulling tips on snapchat!

4. Compliment your snapsex partner.

Make sure you’re always passing out compliments, they really help when it comes to finding girls who want to use snapchat to sext.

5. Don’t agree to stupid stuff.

This one is fairly simple to understand; never agree to do anything you don’t want to. You can always block users on snapchat to stay safe. So if you ever feel under pressure when sexting make sure you use the handy block button!

Finishing off…

We’ve given you the basic tips when it comes to snapchat sexting. If you’d like to use snapsex then make sure you sign up through our website. Finding snapchat girls has never been easier.

Make sure you read number 5 over and over again – this one will really help out if you’re facing troubles when it comes to finding snapchat girls or finding your sexting partner.

snapchat sexting

The Ultimate Guide to Snapchat Sexting

We will show you how we use Snapsex to sext on Snapchat.



In this in-depth guide we will teach you the very basics to sexting on snapchat. Use these methods when flirting with girls or finding snapchat sex. Snapsex is the best tool to do this with and we hope you have the luck we do when it comes to sexting.

Before we get into this we should touch on boundaries. Flirting and sexting is fine if it’s wanted. If someone tells you they’re not interested, respect their decision and move on – their is plenty of girls on snapsex and you don’t need to worry.

what is snapchat sexting

One last thing – Don’t be Kyle Jenner and post your pregnancy on snapchat!

What is Snapchat Sexting?

We all know what sexting is right? Well if not let me give you a quick explanation; sexting is sending or receiving sexually explicit messages or images with mobile phones. It may include a tablet device or a computer but most of the time it’s done with a smartphone. This is where snapchat comes in. The App that has blown up in the last 3 years and is on it’s way to take over facebook is in the number one spot currently for sexting online.


Because Snapchat will ‘self-destruct’ your messages or images – this is the core reason of it’s growing user base. Sexting has never been easier because of the influx of girls wanting to send nudes because of the trust in the new app.


How to Sext on Snapchat

  1. Send a Private Snapchat Message.  (We all know people like to feel special and how else to make someone feel good than to let them know your message or image is private or just for them)
  2.  Don’t use creepy filters when sexting. If you like to use Snapsex & Snapfuck then you’re like most of our users, however lots of them get things confused. Do not send filters when sexting as this will more than likely put off the horny user!
  3. Don’t randomly send dick pics! No one likes a unsolicited dick pic so don’t do it. Simple rule to stand by.
  4. Snapchat tends to tell the user if you take a screenshot of their snap or message. The whole point of snapchat sexting is letting the user give permission to a sexual chat.
  5. Permission to screenshot. If you feel like the relationship has reached a level where you can appropriately ask for a nude selfie then make sure you do.

Taking the Perfect Selfie

We all know not to use the horrid dog filter when sexting. We all know that the famous anthony weiner knows how to send a sexting selfie when he’s being caught up in the recent sexting scandal. The camera and lenses used by snapchat is a perfect tool for selfie-taking and you’re going to be sending the best sexting selfies you’ve ever sent.

However you might be doing it all wrong. The key thing that people do wrong when taking selfies is looking at themselves and not into the camera. If you’re taking a selfie in the mirror it looks very narcissistic if you want to look at yourself or your smartphone screen. To send the perfect selfie you should be looking into the camera and especially for snapchat sexting.