Snapchat Sexting Tips

We’ve all had the typical snapchat sexting come on; Hey what are you wearing? But i think we all know that this doesn’t always work…We’ll help you out with some basic tips to improve your sexting skills. On to today’s topic – if you’d like to check out snapchat sex then make sure you do.

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1. Asking for a preview.


As we mentioned when we started this blog – ensure you’re always asking for a preview but not in a creepy way. Girls like it when you give them attention but not the wrong attention!

2. Fantasize About your Partner

Tell your sexting partner what you would like to do to them. If it’s a girl then don’t be a creep.

3. Learn how to tease.

snapchat sexting tips

This can really only apply for girls but if you’re a guy and good looking you can probably pull it off.

We all know are snapchat sexting tips are the best!

Keep reading to find the best pulling tips on snapchat!

4. Compliment your snapsex partner.

Make sure you’re always passing out compliments, they really help when it comes to finding girls who want to use snapchat to sext.

5. Don’t agree to stupid stuff.

This one is fairly simple to understand; never agree to do anything you don’t want to. You can always block users on snapchat to stay safe. So if you ever feel under pressure when sexting make sure you use the handy block button!

Finishing off…

We’ve given you the basic tips when it comes to snapchat sexting. If you’d like to use snapsex then make sure you sign up through our website. Finding snapchat girls has never been easier.

Make sure you read number 5 over and over again – this one will really help out if you’re facing troubles when it comes to finding snapchat girls or finding your sexting partner.

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