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‘The Snappening’: what actually happened?

6 years ago a giant database of leaked Snapchat photos and videos was released by hackers who had been collecting these types of files for years.

As download links flooded the internet, shocked users of the notorious adult chat forum 4chan were starting to refer to the hack as "The Snappening," noting that this is far bigger than the iCloud hacks that recently targeted celebrities.


When word first surfaced that about 98,000 hacked Snapchat pictures and videos had been leaked online, the database was not easy to access.

The images quickly became available on the famous torrent site ‘ThePirateBay’ but that required the user to download a 13gb torrent, which then was unsearchable.

A few days later, the website TheSnappening.org was set up, to make it easier for users to download the images.


The website still wasn’t searchable, but it let users download the images without having to go onto a torrent site.

A teenager at the time, Mudit Grover created the site a few days after the original leak. It quickly became viral on reddit and was getting 5 million page views per day and 10,000 visitors on the site at any given time. The owner of the site bragged about the statistics on reddit but this was soon to bite him in the ass.

the snappening
snapchat hacked

Grover soon got spooked - after all, publishing highly illegal content to 5 million users a day doesn’t look good in the eyes of the law. He originally said he couldn’t afford the server for the millions of page views he was generating everyday.

Whichever it was, he quickly took the website offline.

You can find deleted reddit posts referring to the famous events here.

While Mundit took the website offline, and reddit handed out some abuse, it wasn’t enough for some. Others wanted to punish Grover for depriving everyone of the chance to have a look at the images before he took the site down.

Within hours of the website going down, hackers took over the domain and posted a message which identified themselves as ‘Team Danny’.

This simple message also included Mundit Grover’s full private information.

So within hours of TheSnappening.org coming down, attackers allegedly took over the domain and posted a message identifying themselves as “Team Danny”.

They included Grover’s alleged personal address, as well as his cellphone and home number.

team danny snapchat

The hackers then found out he operated thefappening.social and bragged about it on twitter…

snapchat hack

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