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Top ten most entertaining Snapchat users

With Snapchats user-base expanding by tens of thousands every single day, now estimated to be at around the 500 million mark, there are bound to be some gems amongst the masses. Here are ten of our favourite snap users for pure entertainment. 

With Snapchats user-base expanding by tens of thousands every single day, now estimated to be at around the 500 million mark, there are bound to be some gems amongst the masses.

Here are ten of our favourite snap users for pure entertainment. 

10. DJ Khaled: djkhaled305

One of the worlds most renowned modern day DJs, Khaled has amassed a Snapchat fan base of millions. Wether people follow him out of irony (many people believe he is waaaaay over the top) or purely because he can put a smile on your face by sharing sheer positivity, one things for sure, DJ khaled has become a Snapchat favourite for many people. From pics of his infant son who he quite clearly adores, to flashy videos on million dollar yachts, there will always be something to keep you entertained.

9. Kevin Hart: lilswag79

One of America’s most loved comedians of the past ten years, Kevin Hart doesn’t only entertain on his stand up tours and films, he posts hilarious pictures and videos daily on his snapchat account. From shadow boxing with deontay wilder (who absolutely dwarves him) to cute family oriented pictures, there’s something for everyone with the pint sized comedian. If you want genuinely funny content made by one of the most promising comedians of the modern era, we highly suggest you get adding!

8. Brittany Furlan: BrittanyJFurlan

A name you probably won’t recognise, but let me assure you, you’ve seen some of her work. The social media entrepreneur started life as a vine user, creating comical skits about daily life along with her boyfriend. Time magazine declared her one of the most influential people on social media, yet she claims she makes only a “relatively comfortable” living. With her pranks bringing in brand deals worth from $7,000 to $20,000 per video, we think she may be being a little modest with that statement. 

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger: arnoldschnitzel

This one might come as a bit of surprise, mainly because most going on 70 year olds don’t know what Snapchat is, never mind use it. The legendary gym goer and former Mr universe however, knows all too well what Snapchat is about. Even in his elder years, Arnold has become somewhat of a social media savant, gathering over 500 thousand followers on his Snapchat. The actor turned politician shows his day to day life (with some well placed emoji) his travels around the world, behind the scene looks at future projects and, of course, a lot of gym selfies! 70 years old and still hitting the gym like a boss. Make sure to give him a follow!

6. Chris Pratt: chrisprattsnap

Well, if there was ever an action movie star that was just put on this earth for Snapchat, it’s Chris Pratt. The super funny, extra goofy movie star isn’t using the app for profit (as far as we can tell) but rather purely to make his followers laugh. It’s about as natural as Snapchat can come, ridiculous filters with voice changers, move set sneak peaks and hilarious miniature interviews with co stars. Just to give one stupid example of Chris’ unbridled hilarity, he recently posted a snap of a thermometer at 69 degrees. That’s the kind of immaturity we need on Snapchat!

5. Josh Peck: Joshuapeck

Now, if you were born in the 90s, there is no way you escaped the brilliance that is Drake and Josh. The Nickelodeon hit kids snow was the backbone of many of our childhoods, coming home from a stressful day at school to kick back and watch the step brothers and their shenanigans. Oh, and Meghan... the best thing is about this however, is how Josh Peck hasn’t lost his childish sense of humour. He’s an active snapchatter and one example is his mini series called “life of toast”. Basically a short Snapchat every morning about his breakfast. How does somebody make that funny?! We don’t know, but you should follow Josh and check It out. 

4. Doug the Pug: itsdougthepug

Here’s one for the animal lovers. Pugs have been a huge part of the internet for some years now, with people not being able to get enough of their tiny smooshy faces. This is a pug with a difference, however. He’s a Snapchat superstar and has gained hundreds of thousands of followers, showing off hilariously cute Halloween outfits, going out for food with his owner, or just sitting at home being a couched potato, whatever Doug the pug puts on his snapchat, it’s guaranteed to put a big soppy smile on your face. Don’t miss out! 

3. Kim Kardashian: Kimkardashian

kim kardashian snapchat

I’m sure to many of you, this lady will not need an introduction. Know by many as the queen of fashion and social media, Kim k has amassed well over 3 million Snapchat followers, and a whopping 100 million Instagram followers. That. Is. Insane. The fashion mogul and entrepreneur has worked on her personal image for well over a decade now, promoting clothing, cosmetic and food brands to name just a few. There aren’t many who compare when it comes to snap popularity, and we think it could have something to do with her continuous sexy snaps, risqué almost nude shots and 5 star food pics. If you want your fill of bum, boobs and bikinis, Kim Kardashian takes a lot to beat. Become part of the Kim Klan and get adding!

2. Justin Bieber: rickthesizzler

There aren’t many more famous names on the planet than 24 year old hearth throb Justin Bieber. The baby faced teen flew to fame after an adorable video of him singing appeared on YouTube in 2006. Since then, throughout his teens and early 20’s, the singing superstar has had his fair share of controversy. From leaked naked photos of him and a mysterious woman on holiday, to drink driving a Lamborghini on the highway, you can guarantee the next dose of controversy isn’t too far away. You can expect endless shirtless selfies, expensive hotels with 10/10 food and sometimes, well, he might even sing! It’s fair to say the Bieb has grown up a lot since his baby faced teen years, but we like the rebellious new Bieber! Show him some love and become his Snapchat friend..

1. Ariana Grande: moonlightbae

This pint sized singer may be small, but my lord her voice packs a punch. Her vocal range is ridiculous, and can flawlessly impersonate singers like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera and Shakira on demand. Starting showbiz life as part of the Nickelodeon family, she’s moved from strength to strength and in 2016 was voted one of times most influential people. These days, she spends a lot of her time travelling for her worldwide tours, but always finds time to give her fans a sneak peak into her life. Her general positivity and quite frankly brilliant voice have her sat on our top spot. Couple that voice with glamorous and rather sexy selfies; you’ve got a recipe for a fantastic snap user! Don’t miss out.

ariana grande snapchat

That just about rounds off our list. Weather male or female or whatever part of the world you reside, somebody in this list will refresh your Snapchat stories and give you that little bit more entertainment for the day.

Disagree with any of our top ten? Or just have another you’d love to add to our list?

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